Our responsibility to you (Privacy and Dignity)

Our Responsibility

  • All members of staff will treat you courteously and extend to you the utmost respect and dignity. You will also be afforded the high level of privacy, which you would expect from such an establishment.
  • We will provide a safe, warm, clean and comfortable premises with disabled access

Waiting Times

  • We will aim to keep to appointment times, but unforeseen circumstances may make this difficult on occasions.


  • We will aim to see all urgent cases within 24 hrs and routine within 48hrs
  • The nursing team will see all urgent nursing cases promptly


  • We will aim to answer the telephone promptly, courteously and introduce staff name on answering.
  • The doctors will respond to telephone messages only after surgery.

Home Visits

  • We will visit all patients who need to see a doctor. However they must be too ill or infirm to come to the surgery.
  • Request calls for emergency visits will be put through to the doctor on call and dealt with appropriately (at any time).


  • Repeat prescriptions will be issued within 48 hrs
  • Unless the medications you require is an urgent medical necessity the practice can no longer issues prescriptions on the same day.
  • Outside of normal hours you can place a repeat prescription request through our letterbox. Please remember to include:-
  • The NAME of the patient who requires the medication.
  • The ADDRESS of that person.
  • A CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER wherever possible.
  • AND the DESTINATION of the completed prescription – ie. where you want the prescription to go to.

Tests and Investigations

  • We will contact you with the results of tests ordered by the practice only if urgent action is required.

Forms & Reports

  • We will aim to complete all reports and forms within 14 working days. If your own GP is on holiday this may take a little longer.
  • We will inform you when a charge is necessary.

Patients Records

  • Under the Data protection Act 2000, you are entitled to view your medical records. However there is a £10 Access to records fee and if you require copies there will be an additional charge, which is dependent on the number of copies required.

Complaints & Suggestions

  • The practice has a complaints procedure. Any complaint should be addressed to David Shannon, Practice Manager.
  • A complaint will be acknowledged within 48hrs and a response within 10 working days.
  • A patient suggestion box is situated in the reception area and all patients are freely invited to contribute to the suggestion scheme on the service we provide. These suggestions are evaluated by the management team on a constant basis